Huddersfield Mistress Athena

Yorkshire Mistress Athena,
Huddersfield Elite Mistress

I am the Huddersfield Mistress,Mistress Athena. A pro dominatrix for over 18 years, playing with submissive throughout the country

My dungeons are in Huddersfield, however I do play in other parts of Yorkshire, throughout the United Kingdom, as well as Europe.


More of my time is spent between dungeons. However my own dungeon in Huddersfield,

I offer private 121 sessions, however I also offer Double Domination.  Should you be interested in serving me, you can on Cam, In Person, Or from afar.

Yorkshire Professional Dominatrix

Welcome to my Domain Yorkshire’s Premier Dominatrix. Based in Huddersfield West Yorkshire, and proprietor of the Huddersfield BDSM play space, The Unforgettable Mistress

I am very easy on the eye with a face of an angel but do not let this fool you! I am as strict as they come and have been playing in the art of BDSM for many moons.

                                                            Yorkshire Dungeon

I Mistress Athena will make your time with her something remarkable. My knowledge in the world of BDSM, is second to none, and this Mistress has beauty to go with it.

My Dungeon is situated in Huddersfield, a short distance from Junctions 23 & 24 of the M62, and is very close to all major Cities in the North of England

Renowned Mistress I am known for my  experience and skills in the art of BDSM.

Fierce Female and the TAMER OF MEN


Yorkshire Mistress Athena – Femdom

Mistress Athena is a Dominatrix, or FemDom.

But what ever name you use to describe Mistress Athena it all comes to the same place.

It’s control.  And handing that control over to the Mistress.

Being able to allow your Mistress to teach you and mould you into the perfect slave. <Read More Here>

Yorkshire Mistress Athena – Humiliation

Lets talk about the many different ways of humiliating scenarios that one could find themselves in.

Whether this be verbally humiliated or physically humiliated, humiliation is humiliation. <Read More Here>

Yorkshire Mistress Athena – FinDom

People always seem to assume that if you are a Pro Dominatrix that you can not also be into Findom,

this I find absurd as any self respecting Dom will expect her subs time loyalty respect,

so if Financial servitude is your thing then yes I want your money <Read More Here>

Yorkshire Mistress Athena – Leather / Latex

I am well known for my love of clothes, vanilla as well as fetish.

I love power house clothes and no how to put an outfit together.

I have plenty of leather attire. <Read More Here>

Yorkshire Mistress Athena – Corporal Punishment

Mistress Athena is renowned for her love of Corporal Punishment.  Canes are one of Mistresses 1st loves as she has quite the collection. Whips are also a in the top 2 when it comes to implents, being very able to use the single tail whip. <Read More Here>

Yorkshire Mistress Athena – Boot & Shoe Worship

You would have to be looking with your eyes closed to not know that Mistress Athena loves a good boot boy.  Boot Domination, shoe worship, high heels play, trampling, boot cleaning ect, is Mistress Athena’s favourite pastime.  <Read More Here>

Yorkshire Mistress Athena – Latest News

4th January 2020 – Sissy Sluts Love Strap-on

Finding myself buying more dirty toys than ever before, reason being is I have more sluts coming to the dungeon

Yesterday I bought more dildos, another cock for my harness, and some delicious weird looking arse toy to sit on

I have also purchased some douching stuff, I did have douches but you can never have enough


I am well known in Yorkshire for my strong persona, and my love of corporal punishment

And I am fully aware I have a reputation for being strict and severe,

but for those whom have had the pleasure of playing under me, will know I have also a playful mischievous side

Mistress Athena Yorkshire Dominatrix Huddersfield

This comes across from the odd spit that would drop into your mouth or eye haha

It could be getting you to town and letting you play dress up in the woman’s department shops

Taking you out with my vanilla friends and watching us eat,

before being allowed a doggy bag of scraps to eat on the floor,

in the car park then being told to walk back to the Yorkshire Dungeon

Femdom Huddersfield Mistress Athena Elite Dominatix


Numerous occasions I have put my house boy in the boot and taken him to a unknown location. 

Stripped him of his clothes, phone, money and shoes, given him a paper suit to wear

I have then told him he had a hour to return to the Yorkshire Dungeon,

knowing only two well it’s over a hour to get back. 

If he’s late, then it’s a night in the cell.  All he is given is a bowl-full of water and some hot sauce on a plate. 

The hot sauce would need to be gone by the morning, and if not it’s back in the boot,

and  this was for no exchange of money this was for my personal pleasure and fun.


Leeds Mistress Athena