You would have to be looking with your eyes closed to not know that Mistress Athena loves a good boot boy.

Boot Domination, shoe worship, high heels play, trampling, boot cleaning ect, is Mistress Athena’s favourite pastime.

The thought of you shoe worshippers and heel fanatics on your knees at my feet looking up and waiting with anticipation for the instructions on how to worship or clean her foot wear is so appealing to Mistress.

Being so good a ball busting boots and heels play a big part of my play, and you can clean them before I bust your balls and after.

Mistress own numerous pairs of boots as this is Mistress Athena’s fetish, shoes are also in abundance in fact anything with a heel.

Mistress Athena loves to train the shoe lover and boot worshipper on how to become the best boot bitch around, offering email training on this video pov clips and also real-time play.

Kneel down bow your head, smell the sweet smell of Mistress footwear and wait to be allowed to worship.

Become the ultimate Boot/Shoe bitch

To book a session with Mistress Athena fill out the contact form at the contact page.

alternatively call 07990761324