Mistress Athena is renowned for her love of Corporal Punishment.

Canes are one of Mistresses 1st loves as she has quite the collection.

Whips are also a in the top 2 when it comes to implements,

being very able to use the single tail whip.

I do not however use corporal punishment  as just a part of play in a session or just to punish for the hell of it,

this is something I Athena takes seriously.

When asking for a cp session or just a caning, Mistress will advise on what she thinks is the best way forward.

This might be set up as a role play scenario,

where there is a school scene involved, or a court sentencing ect.

I have long-standing slaves/subs will be punished by the cane, strap, tawes paddles ect but only if it is needed.

If you are a seasoned player and have a love for corporal punishment limits will be discussed before hand.

If you are the novice wanting to delve further into this area, then Mistress will guide and take you on your journey slowly.



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alternatively call 07990761324

Over the Knee spanking
Caning from Mistress Athena, corporal Punishment


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