Femdom a Dominant Woman

I am Dominatrix, or Mistress but what ever name you use or others use,

to describe Mistress Athena it all comes to the same place.

It’s about being able to allow your Mistress to teach you and mould you into the perfect slave.

There is a difference between a Slave and a Submissive,

the submissive is exactly that, and maybe in their everyday life are actually quite dominant so there submissive side only comes out once in a while.

Now the slave is just that a slave, they are submissive 24/7 the majority will have owners,

they wait hand and foot on their Mistress, they follow her rules, they do as they are told, and they are punished if they step out of line.

So there is different layers to Femdom, and to I Mistress Athena’s arena of subs/slaves.

Sometimes I may choose to wear Latex, Leather PVC, Rubber,

but what ever I wants I may even opt for vanilla clothes, it depends on me.

Depending on the relationship between you both, if it’s a fun one or a more heavy play, either way I know how things will progress and go forward.

It’s a journey between slave and Mistress and its very rewarding.

There is many types of play involved and NO its most definitely not all painful.

There is so much more to it, Mistress may look mean in some of her shots but I am a lot of fun.


To book a session with Mistress Athena fill out the contact form at the contact page.

alternatively contact Mistress Athena 07990761324

Mistress in Latex