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Mistress Athena Leather Gloves

I have woken up this morning with a million and one this to get

done, and the rain has decided to ruin my day, so instead

I will be doing my indoor jobs, which means popping by the

dungeon and getting the new lighting finished.


So the reason for this news page other than to say hello to you all,

I will be resuming sessions, and letting you pre book them from today

I would prefer you to book via email, however I know some of you still

do not use emails, so I will be taking pre bookings on my phone line

between the hours of 10-6, please do not text just yet, I will not reply

with text, you may text however in July.

The reason for pre booking right now, is because my phone line and emails

has gone mad with subs wanting to book in, so I want to get my days

sorted out and get my subs booked in

They will be a deposit needed for sessions to go ahead

Huddersfield Mistress Athena

Next week all week up until I open the dungeon doors, I will be just taking

pre bookings, I will not however be taking sessions in until the end of this

month, I have been spending time with my subs, outdoors, infact  had a

lovely takeout with one of my subs in the park in Leeds this week, it was

really nice


If any of my subs would like to see Mistress outdoors before the end of

month, then drop me a email,


I also want to say again, THANK YOU to all of you that have taken

the time to check on Mistress, email, text send gifts, help financially

through this strange time, and all I can say is I can not wait to see



Twitter and Social Media

Whilst having this time away, I have noticed that twitter was taking

too much of my head space up, so as alot of you will have noticed, I

hardly spend any time on there at all, and this is going to be for good,

I will be retweeting and I will reply to tweets, when my phone notifies

me, and I will be posting maybe once a week, however as far as spending the

amount of time as before, then no this wont be happening.


I will be only posting on my onlyfans, and I will let twitter know some of

the time, when new content is going up, I do post on onlyfans daily,

so if you want top keep up with me,  or see my clips, and photos,

message, factime, tasks etc, then you will have to make sure to come there.


I will be on my webcam Mon/Tues/Wed/ and for those that like to play online.


I had a few days away booked down on the coast this month, however I have

had the people cancel my accommodation, so I have changed it for July.


I can not wait to be playing full time again, and sorting out all my lovely


My Sites




Have a good Sunday

Stay kinky

See you all very soon

Mistress Athena

Yorkshire Mistress






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