Good evening all

I want this post to focus on my LATEX 

Latex Mistress Athena Huddersfield


Whilst I have been on lock down, and doing clips for my onlyfans

or when I have been online I have destroyed a few not one but

a few of my latex outfits, I know how did I do that.


Well I am not sure myself, taking them if, sweating, or just

being careless and putting my nails  through the latex and

tearing them.


I have a bag half full with Latex that I will be taking to Caroline

at cathouse to fix for me, when she is open back to the public, which

horrrrraaaa is tomorrow.


I am not going to buy any more latex right now as I have lots,

but I will be fixing these as one is my beautiful initialled green and

black catsuit , which I love, I do like sharing things with you all.


So tomorrow the shops all open again, its been quite the journey has it not

but its taking a turn and fast and I am happy for that.

I can not wait to get away for a week, it will be something I will do asap.

Also I am away down at the Cotswold this weekend just for the day and

evening, so looking forward to this .


I have been out filming as well, the clips are only on my onlyfans.

The picture is me in my latex, whilst filming.


So see you soon everyone, getting through my crazy amount of emails

tomorrow, and my phone has not stopped, great to see Mistress is loved.

So see you all soon


Mistress Athena