Slave Training, Distance Training


A lot of you will be very familiar with slave training, however

most of you will now be very familiar with distance training.

Distance is all that most certainly every Mistress and sub have

had throughout this lock down

It has been one of the only ways we could carry on your training

This has been done via email, phone chat, skype, face time, and Adult platforms

Online slave training, has kept me quite busy keeping you all in place, and also

showing you that no matter where Mistress Athena is, that you still have a

obligation and a loyalty to me, the control and the training never has to be

real time 121, as you have all come to see.


I have enjoyed setting tasks for you all, but the tasks that make me smile the most

are the ones where I ask you to send pictures of your tiny maggots so I can score them,

these make me laugh, also when you dress for Mistress and send clips, hilarious

So with so many Dungeons now opening their doors, it seems like normality is finally

getting back.

I have been quite lucky throughout this time, having so many loyal slaves and subs,

that have made sure that Mistress has not hit the deck or gone with out food, I know that sounds extreme,

however their is plenty of people out there, that will have been suffering, so to realise that

my loyal boys  did not let this happen to me is quite eye opening, especially the ones that

Mistress has not seen for years that have also stepped up and contacted me its

something I will always remember


There is a saying isn’t there, about you see who is there through the hard times, and

this is one of those times that I am sure most Mistresses will have noticed who

was there for them, so bravo to the ones that have been.


I will be on cam for the next 2 days, and then then Friday, you can

contact me for private cam.

Contact for distance training


I will be taking some pictures and doing clips today

for my


Also there is a chaste task happening now on onlyfans 

Clip stores

I hope to see you soon


Mistress Athena




Slave Training