Humiliation Outdoors, 


Good Afternoon you wonderful bag of kinksters,


I have been down the South Cost and the New Forest

where I let a slave of mine suffer some humiliation outdoors

This trip was gift from my slave, so I could enjoy what England had to offer,

and because of my love of the great outdoor,

nature and animals well it was a great gift, but there was also play involved.


Slave plays outdoors 

My slave had to learn how to attend to Mistress whilst there,

when to speak when not to, when to lower his eyes, when to go forward and do things without being told.

I would give a look and he knew, running baths, opening doors,

making sure Mistresses day run smooth.

Knowing my  favourite food so that he knows where is best for her to eat,

all these little things that slaves learn along their way.


Humiliation outdoors can be done anywhere if its done discretely

People seem to think it has to be on show and get a audience

NO this is not the case

Whilst on the beach, he worshipped my feet, did people see maybe.

He laid on the ground whilst I used him as a bridge to walk over.

I spat in his drink, made him do silly things, put my bra over his head in

the restaurant

I must say he did learn, he had a few hiccups and learnt from them fast,

very willing to please but sometimes too eager to talk which instead got him into trouble.

Before I left I put a poll on my twitter and you could all vote on his number of strokes, 10/20/50/100

Know you sadistic lot voted that he received 100 and that he did,

not only that because he was speaking sometimes on my trip without permission,

and attending to himself first I added a few extra on myself.

He will earn and I am the best one to teach him.

Outdoor Humiliation Mistress Athena.

So the trip its been quite eye-opening, I did know  that our coast line was amazing,

and I did know that part of the UK was beautiful as I have frequented Devon Cornwall Torquay,

However I have never been to bloody Dorset, why oh why I ask myself now.

This place is amazing, and the people and the coolness of it all.

Humiliation New Forest Huddersfield Mistress

Exeter and Dartmoor other places I have frequented but never the New Forest,

and again why oh why amazing, now this was like being in a Hansel and Gretal book.

The forest is beautiful and the pine trees smell divine.

When I went into the heart of the forest I knew that I needed to have my slave,

down on all fours and track him down here.

Time was not on my side on the day it was getting dark by now and the sunlight was not playing,

so I had to abort filming, however the next morning bright and early,

before I had other things planned I went in again and managed to film a couple of clips.

I am now going back in October and am hoping to get some great footage.

I will be offering sessions whilst I am there.

Muddy Boot Worship Leeds Mistress Athena


Outdoor Humiliation Yorkshire Mistress


Foot Worship Outdoors Humiliation Athena

So I decided to film him the films will be up on my Clipstores to watch.

I also humiliated him in the woods made him crawl and eat filth from my boots and slapped and dragged him ect, so much fun.

I am now available Thursday Evening, Friday day and night, Saturday Evening, Sunday day and night.

My availability is always on twitter.

I have some great new clips and also some great photos added to my onlyfans.

I hope to see you all soon over my threshold and lets play.

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Spanking outdoors humiliation Mistress Athena Yorkshire

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Humiliation Outdoors
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