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As you can see in the title of this news page, I am paying homage to all of you, in what ever title you come under.

always thinking about this but always seem to have other things I need to speak about,

so I end up never getting round to what I wanted.

I would like to address you all, and say what a great wonderful and uplifting lot you all are.

Someday when Mistress has had a shit day, I can honestly say one of you have said or messaged or addressed me some how and really up lifted me.

Other times you have made me laugh until my belly hurts,

that being in session or out, or online either way its happened.

I adore the way so many of you have stood by me, never straying far from my sides and showing so much devotion it makes me so happy.

This could really go on all evening about how much I really appreciate each and every one of you,

know that sometimes on twitter, some of you will post or say something and sometimes I do not respond, do not take this personally I don’t always see it at first.

And remember Mistress  adores each and every one of you.

You you make me happy, so in return this should make you happy.

Sissy Slut Slave Submissive sub Fan Mistress Athena Yorkshire Huddersfield


Slut Sissy Fan Slave Sub Hudddersfield Mistress Dominatrix


Know then I have been up to so much, playing in the dungeon none stop,

My filming took me down to Derby to film with Goddess Vivian Amour,

Wow that was amazing and the fact she has a menage for human ponies brilliant, wait until you see the footage.

Sissy slut cd tv mistress athena Huddersfield

I also will be heading down to London on the 6th of October to the Femdom Ball which I am looking forward to,

I will be then staying down the south coast for a couple of days.

My availability from know until the 10th of October is

Thursday Friday Sunday this week available.

Monday the 24th, Wednesday  26th Thursday 27th  Sunday 30th

I Monday the 01st Oct through to Friday the 5th back on Wednesday the 10th Oct

Huddersfield Mistress Sissy Slut CD

I have added new content to my clip stores and my Onlyfans page.

I have also added some new stuff to my gift list at Amazon as I am still in need of a watch as mine has gone missing or lost gutted.

Links below.




I have also had a bit of a change in the dungeon, new whipping bench, new Bondage Chair, new paddles,

nipple and cbt toys, it looks different and I am happy with the change,

I am also decorating downstairs now, and fitting new carpets ect, so its go-go go.

Onlyfans Sissy Slut Huddersfield Derby Double Domination Filming

Enjoy your evening and see you soon in the dungeon

Mistress Athena 07990761324




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