Good Monday Morning to you all,

I’ve been up since the crack of bird shit trying to get on top of some admin work, luckily its paid of and I just have this news page to finish for you all, and then some emails to reply to so do not fret if you have sent me an email today is the day you will get a reply.

I have been away on a brilliant vacation, its was truly amazing, I did so much and had so much fun, wish it could have been for longer but if it had of being then none of you would have got to see your Mistresses face, and that would have been hell on earth for you.

When I returned it was my Birthday and I would like to say thank you for the emails, texts calls and the gifts I received from so many of you, it goes to show that you all think a lot of your Mistress or the ones that just  enjoy what I do and follow me for that reason.

I had a great birthday weekend but it made me sick haha, I was unable to play for a few days, so this combined with my vacation ment I have had some time of, and my phone was lost so none of you have got to see me or hear my voice.

I feel your pain haha quite literally.

So the other thing is I have not seen any of your bloody faces either apart from a few.

So sessions are resumed and I am back playing in Dungeon from early until late Monday to Sunday until further notice, If I am having a day of for what ever reason there will be a notice somewhere, so no excuses I want to see you all over my threshold.

I will put some pictures up from my sessions, however the small clips I do with realtime sessions tend to go onto my onlyfans page now, so unless it’s a preview the whole thing will be found there.

I feel like its been so long.

I will tell you however I am away on Sunday the 12th of August I will resume session then on the 15th of August.

I am also available in the Leeds Chambers with notice for sessions, and also I will be doing my yearly  visit to Mistress Real in  Cardiff later this year.

So Pictures that are up are from my vacation, sessions since I have been back, and a little kidnap that happened yesterday.

You can find my films latest ones at clips4sale or iwantclips.



Custom clips can be made just drop me an email with a scenario you would like.

And I will be on cam also a lot more now, where you can find me on my link at my online domination page.

Look forward to playing with you all soon Mistress Athena



Sessions Resume as Normal.