10th of March 2023

Jessica Wood & Mistress Athena are getting together

Filming all day in North London

You may contact for info & if you would like to be a filming slave

£100 for the day

 My Tour Dates I am filming with the stunner Nikki Whiplash on the 11th of July,

now we have been bombarded with emails and texts to come and film with us,

but we have got our 6, well we had them with in a day,

and if by any chance something happens where they can not attend then we do have a waiting list,

you can put your name down on that, but its £100 for filming, but 2 dynamite Dominatrices  well its worth every penny and more.


I am also in Edinburgh with the Gorgeous Mistress Inka, at here amazing dungeon.

There on the 30th  and the 31st of July, now I know that sessions are filling up here aswell,

so I am offering solo sessions ans also Double Dom with Mistress Inka,

if you would like to book a session the do email me, they will be a non refundable deposit taken also.


Tour Dates Mistress Athena Kent Double Domination Edinburgh

Rushed of my feet with one thing and another, trying to get everything sorted for my vacation which starts this weekend.

hAVING so much on with replying to emails, sorting out my dates for sessions and trying to upload clips,

I know I hear you say why do I not have someone to do all the mundane stuff,

well because I used to have someone and they messed it right up,

so now  do it myself then it makes me happy when its done correct.

No play or sessions now until the 4th of July,

and on this day I have a PT session first thing in the morning to hopefully shed all the indulgence I do on my vacation

I will be having my work line answered by my house boy,

so you can arrange for a session when I return, also you can drop me an email,

have access to this with me, and I do like to get back to my subs.

I will also be adding lots of my antics to onlyfans,

so if you are not a fan of mine yet, then what are you waiting for, get on their and sponsor Mistress Athena.

Ok so I am away again on the 10th until the 14th July,

its my Birthday on the 13th and I do enjoy gifts, I have added new gifts to  my wish list,

and also you can us send me

Gift card or email me and ask me, but either way I am so just happy with a happy birthday message.


I have no time left to carry on with this news page, but I will get back to you all when I am home.

Have a great week everyone

Mistress Athena  TAMEROFmen





Tour Dates