Tour Dates

Mistress Athena Tour Dates 2015 


Mistress will also be available during 2015 as a Travel Companion do contact me for details 

I Mistress Athena am now touring, my dates will be here as to were and when I will be in specific places.

My playtimes will be held in either a Apartment or a Dungeon, depending on which part of the world I am in.



Mistress plays from her through out the year, and tours if and when.

If you would like a specific 1 on 1, for Mistress to visit you, this can be arranged, but travel expenses will have to be paid by you.

I do offer outcalls in most of the UK and Abroad, and all surrounding areas ie, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Halifax the Yorkshire Area

Tour Dates are up dated if and when, I tend to tour as much as I can, but with my own stable of slaves to tend to in West Yorkshire it can be quite a lengthy time gap in between.

I like to get to see most of you subs and touring helps me to do this, Mistress likes to play and if distance is not a problem then Mistress may be in your area any time soon.


TourKent, Kent, Tour, Mistress Athena, Huddersfield, Dominatrix


KentTour Dates March the 30th 2015 Double Dom also available with Mistress Real 

Spain Tour Dates April dates to be confirmed.

Dublin Tour Dates May dates to be confirmed

Paris Tour Dates August dates to be confirmed