Leather Fetish

So on that note its been a humiliating week for some of my subs this week and so much fun as usual.

have even had one of my memorable kidnap scenarios in and that was a lot of fun,

roadside snatch, and outdoor play yes yes.

Dressed in leather for all you leather lovers

I am available Mon to Thursday evening this week, then I am away down to the Cotswold’s

for the weekend back Sunday but wont be in the Dungeon until Tuesday the 8th,

so I would get your arse into the dungeon asap if You want to see Mistress.

I have added some lovely lingerie to my wish list feel free to follow the link and purchase it for me sexy Mistress.


I would like to start this news page about my dungeon.
The Yorkshire Dungeon is my place and its also my happy place,

when I am there its nothing but fun and play and it also has a lovely feel about it,

as I have had it for so long that it’s just a very chilled place for Mistress to spend her time,

and as always most of my time is spent there.
So I do not want it to be turned into a place that becomes annoying and that could happen,

with he amount of idiots who book sessions and fail to turn bloody up.
I am in the dungeon more or less everyday, and I do not see my dungeon as work as I enjoy it so much,

however when I do get free time to enjoy my passion {horses} but instead a sub would like a session,

it frigging annoys me that I have given up my day or afternoon,

what ever this maybe and then they do not turn up and do not bloody let me no either.


I am sure you can all understand my frustration with his matter.
And I am sure some of you get a Mistress who is cheaper, but I am not and you get what you pay for simple.

having  been on the scene for a very very long time and I will not endure this type of stupidity that is occurring.

I have said it before and I will say it again but this time its with meaning,

If you have not session with me before, or you have and its been years ago or I do not remember you

Leather Fetish Double Dom Dominatrix Anal Play strap on Yorkshire  Mistress Huddersfield


I will not undertake conversations with subs over the phone,

who want to talk about what could possibly happen in sessions ect

just so they can get a phone kick NO WAY.

If you want to ask anything do via what-sap or email only.

stop it occurring I will have no choice but to put a ban on all new clients for the time being maybe a few months,

until I decide different so DO NOT DO IT you will spoil it for everyone.

My time is precious.



Leather Humiliation Boot Fetish Mistress Athena Huddersfield



I still have the findom page to finish which I will sort very soon,

as I have a few new latex pieces that have not been worn and need wearing and showing to the world.
I have been flat-out with custom clips they seem to be making a lot of you very happy.
New clips to both my stores and I am uploading free previews on here of them so do enjoy.





Strap-on anal play Leather Dominatrix thigh high boots Huddersfield


Miss Kitty Bliss Mistress Athena Boot Domination Whipping Huddersfield

Mistresses seen in Pictures are

Goddess Ezada Sinn

Miss Kitty Bliss

Mistress Kennya  


See you all soon
Mistress Athena


Leather Fetish