Collaring of my slave

Mistress is in high spirits at the moment,

the sun is out to play and that always makes Mistress happy even if my dungeon is dark.

I have been down in Gloucestershire where I went to the Badminton horse trials,

and also for the collaring of my new slave.

It was so hot down there and lots of fun.


Collaring Collared slave Mistress Athena Yorkshire Dominatrix Humiliation


Collaring Humiliation FootFetish BDSM Huddersfield Mistress

From the moment I arrived in the beautiful hotel set in amazing grounds,

I knew it was going to be a good time.

My slave met me at my car and carried my bags into the hotel,

where there was a bottle of champagne on ice waiting for me,

I am not sure what came over me as I am not the biggest drinker,

but lets just say the champagne lasted as long as a sub who can not take ball busting, I mean quite literally minutes haha.

I was indeed in very good spirits.

We went for a meal, where I decided a little bit of humiliation never hurt any of my slaves,

so I maybe played with him a bit at the table and made comments to the waitress to bring him a dog bowl ect.

his bloody face picture, not knowing what could pop out of my amazing mouth.

Later that evening he was sent away into the shower cubical where he stayed as he was getting a little too big for his boots, so he needed some time out.

I sessions with him after this and then he was collard and now is my slave fear.

Collar slave Slave Training Mistress Huddersfield

I do not and will not collar a slave that I do not know and have not know for long,

you need to build up some kind of relationship.

There is too many subs that do not want to be collard as they like to see different Mistresses,

these I tend to call the wanderers, so its imperative that I do not collar without knowing you first,

as we wouldn’t want it to end in tears, for you that is haha.

So on that note I will add pictures of this session, also will try to post more often as I do miss not keeping you all in the no.

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Jean fetish Boot Fetish Humiliation Huddersfield Dominatrix Mistress Athena



I also have new gifts added to my wishlist.


And I am available all this weekend, and everyday next week from 10am,

same day availability is available however only if I have the time.

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Enjoy the sun

Mistress Athena xoxox



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