Good Evening all,

How are all my lovely bunch of followers.

My news page as sure as shit is comes, whether morning , noon or night I do bring it.

First of, It’s that time of year again and its The Leeds Chambers Halloween Party.

So invitations have been sent out to some, other have just found out via word of mouth, or some social media platform.

You can contact Mistress Davina or myself, and its £25 per person, like-minded people having some fun, play if you wanted and don’t if you don’t.

Door open around 7 and the party ends when it ends.

Fancy dress also.


It’s the Strap-on /// Pegging /// Full on let’s get it in Party

This is on the 15th of November in the Leeds Dungeon.

Mistress Athena /Vivian L Amour/Miss Kitty Bliss

£150 for 3 hours of fun

3-6 or 7-10

These party’s are well-known now all over the UK.

Miss Kitty Bliss has held them all over the South of England and now she is bringing them to Yorkshire.

You do not have to be a pro in the bum action world, we will train you, you can come and have your cherry popped, it’s for all players from the bottom to the top!!!! anal annihilation

If you want you pussy pumping then do contact us

These party’s are not to be Missed

Edinburgh 17th-18th of December

So Scotland I am coming for you

I had to cancel my last trip due to things out of my control, however these things have changed and I am coming to get you.

I will be in a private location near the city centre.

I am available for solo sessions or Double Domination sessions with the beautiful Vivian L Amour

You a contact me via email or phone , a deposit will be necessary for you to session with me.

If you’re not a fan of my fan page its time you was, I have numerous pictures clips, audio up there

My Clips are here and have some super special updates

My wish list is below and I do like gifts take a look

A quick note on my phone line, its been of now for a week, dont fear however as its back on tomorrow.

I do like to put up my escapades however not tonight I have still lots to do, I will catch up with you all soon

Mistress Athena





Its nearly that Time