Chaste in Huddersfield Yorkshire

I have put my slave compos mentos in Chaste,

the reason behind this is because he was given 2 devices to wear at different times and he said they slipped of [ cough }

They didn’t he broke them, and this is not because of not wanting to do this for Mistress,

it’s because he  get anxious with the devices on.

I do not lame him as when you are anxious it can really play with your head.

So I decided to put him in chaste, and see how this goes.



Its been nearly 2 weeks now and he has done it up to this point,

as he want to please me and h wants to show his strength the and determination .

He is in turmoil being a slave whom is quite active with his hand daily.

But he s doing what needs to be done in order to please me.

Tomorrow  will push him too his limits,

when I have him strapped down and a lovely clip of me pegging his ass to watch evil Mistress.;



Next Year I am also wanting to open up my arena door and bring in some new faces.

I want to start playing in my Athena’s Arena more, and take more subs in,

I have been quite closed of as some of you may have found out,

when trying to ring or not getting a response via email.

Maybe some of you will be put in chaste


Myself and Mistress Vivian l Amour & Miss Kitty Bliss was holding a strap on Party at the Leeds Chambers ,

however it was successful in people enquiring but however not in people booking,

there just wasn’t enough numbers for us to go ahead with it.

We will be trying again in the New Year as Yorkshire is missing out on the Pegging party

Talking about pegging, them whom have followed me for 18 years will know my speciality are


Corpora  Punishment


CBT, however as late after playing quite a lot in the strap-on department,

I have now mastered the swing of the hips and the Pegging.

So I want some sissy’s sluts and just anal poppers through my dungeon doors,

I am ready for you, I am really enjoying this play quite a lot.

Chaste Edinburgh Huddersfield Mistress Yorkshire Dominatrix Femdom

end of the year

How are we all, I hope well and fit and ready to tackle the snow in order to always get to yours truly.

I can not believe I am saying this but shit it’s nearly the end of the year,

and I had so many plans last year, but after fallen at the first hurdle back-end of January my health suffered with my horse fall,

then getting him in for  surgery and its now taken the best part of this whole year,

to get him back out and riding, he has one more vet visit next month and fingers crossed we are ready to work correctly again.

My horses

However at the moment its like riding a very fresh and very forward beast,

he is very forward anyway but after the bad accident and how fresh he is I am like bloody hell I must have some balls,

and the size of a thousand men, haha,

But one thing I can be thankful for I have my beautiful horse hopefully never in no pain again.

I am hoping next year will be our year and we can move up the levels,

he is certainly talented enough and I do put a hell of a lot of work into my equine so fingers crossed.

I also want to thank a certain someone who actually sent me some money towards my horses vet bill,

thank you so much, Mr Edinburgh

This was me and the wiz just before the accident,

I had not competed him much we was just getting started, as you can see we are doing the 80 here,

but he has some much more scope to go bigger, I was hoping we would be up the levels by now,

but as you can all see hes a pocket rocket and il get him back and beyond



CHASTE for my slave 



Last but not Least


Chaste Huddersfield Mistress Athena, Strap-on femdom dominatrix Yorkshire



                                                                                                                                                               Mistress In Leather

Mistress Athena Leather Corporal Punishment Caning

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I look forward to see you all again in Yorkshire or Scotland