Humiliation Online

Yorkshire Mistress Athena

We are starting to see a light at the end of a very long tunnel

And it has been a very tough time for lots of Mistresses

However we are getting back to REAL TIME sessions’s

the doors will be opening all across England in April

Humiliation Online, Mistress Athena , Kneel Submit , control

I can not wait to get back at it, and get all my boys back under

full control

I am playing from Mistress Davina’s Dungeon and I will

be doubling up with other Mistresses also, so you can

ask for double dom sessions


Humiliation Online

In the meantime I am available for phone chat the links will be below

I am available for whats ap, and online Domination

Custom Clips

Onlyfans which has so much going on there

Plus my other platforms, so know one can not say I am not present



Submit to me, Kneel and obey

I am your Mistress and I will lead you into total submission

If you let yourselves go, then Mistress will do the rest

Humiliation Goddess


See you all very soon

Mistress Athena 07990761324


Humiliation Online