Good evening

Wow what can I say its been a slave lineup in the dungeon

Its been non stop slave heaven for Mistress

Its so good to be back

Its so good to see so many slaves and subs through my

dungeon doors


Mistress Athena Birthday Gym Attire

I came back properly back end of last week, as we all

know it was my birthday and I went away to Devon for

a few days, which by the way was amazing, I am going back in

September, this trip was just for my birthday, so I decided

I would not be advertising sessions whilst there.


pvc dress, shiny fetish mistress athena Huddersfield mistress

But since I have been back my phone and email has been non stop

A lot of you I have not got round to responding to emails, but

this will be done tomorrow

I am also back online on cam, so anyone wanting to see

me online then do come and play, I am normally online

between 10 and 1 or 3,30 and 6,30

Goddess Worship Mistress Athena Huddersfield Yorkshire Mistress Dominatrix

My vanilla pictures from my trip can be found at my 

Thank you to everyone who contacted me during my

birthday, who sent gifts and cards, I appreciate it

Red Latex Tight Fetish Goddess Dominatrix Huddersfield

I am available now until further notice

You can call or email, emails can take longer to get a


You can find daily activity at my onlyfans page

Come in and see Mistress in her Huddersfield Dungeon

You will not want to leave


Mistress Athena



Clip store


slave lineup