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Giving your more information on what to find, on my fan page.


As some of you are aware I went down and filmed with the beautiful and amazing Mistress Nikki Whiplash,

all I can say is I have some amazing content,

we have decided that the content is exclusive to each other meaning what you see on my store

you will not find on Nikki and visa versa

Also the stuff I filmed in Budapest with Fetish Liza and Vivian L Amour is brilliant


You need to seriously sign up to my fan page and see all the stuff that you will not find anywhere else,

my vanilla stuff my clips from RT Sessions and also clips for onlyfans.

Also get purchasing my new clip content you have known idea what you are missing.


I have over 1000 pictures, just under 1000 clips,

Real time session stuff, exclusive to my fan page, audios tasks,

just to name a few on my fan page



My clipstores have also many clips, two many to count



I will be in Prague in September for 2 days at the Other World Kingdom,

Where woman rule over men

I have obviously been before and have filmed some great content,

and the place alone is magnificent, when I return I will be heading back down South,

I have somewhere to be on the 20/21st so I will be down a day earlier,

and will have availability for sessions in the Cotswold area,

but on the 19th ,if you would like to book a session then do contact me.


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Its taken Mistress sometime to get her head back in the whole idea of being back on English soil,

and  be back at the dungeon, I came back from Thailand & then within a week it was my Birthday,

and I was of again to the coast, and to watch polo, all this is on my only fans http://onlyathena.com page

so I had another 3 days away staying at different places, and all I can say it was fab,

I had days where everything was relaxed and calm,

then a day when it was much more up beat on my actual birthday, so yes it was a good few days.


I just wanted to say a thank you to all of you that contacted me on my birthday via text,

email, phone etc and also those of you that bought me gifts thank you so much,

it makes Mistress feel very appreciated and that is how a Mistress should feel, and it never goes un noticed


I have some availability left for Edinburgh I have a few booked in however,

I have also others that have shown interest and when asked for deposit have not got back to me,

there will be a deposit with this tour as it is necessary  with all the messing about that happens of late.

I am available at Mistress Inka’s place and also for Double Domination sessions with her,

at a discount, contact for details, 30/31st of July

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