Online Dom

I Mistress Athena offer Online Servitude, where you can submit and become one of my many subs/slaves from inside your own walls.

I offer c2c  [cam2cam] strictly one on one Domination, or you could request that you watch me use, punish or play with one of my subs.

I also offer phone Domination, and this is a good way to get to hear my voice, listen to my commands if you have not yet had the courage to come and se me for a realtime session yet.

I am always fun online, and strict when needed, getting to know me this way will also be good for you, and obviously for you that are further away that will never get to se Mistress in the flesh.

I offer Online sessions via Adultwork and also Phone Domination, you can find me here.

On my Adultwork profile you will find many reviews about Mistress and all EXCELLENT

I also offer Skype from half an hour up to multiple hours.

My online sessions can range in different types of play, and Mistress will always be asking if you have any kitchen or household things lieing around to use on yourself.

The areas I play online are and not limited to:








The list is endless

Contact me at for details