Here is where you will find a real insight into Mistress Athena without even having to book a session or talk with me in person.

I am very well-known all over the globe for my films, I have filmed in different parts of the world, and for different filming company’s besides the films I do for my own stores.

I have also filmed alongside some of the best Domina’s the world has to offer, and between us have made some remarkable films.

I always aim to film new content monthly, so there is always new stuff at my film stores.

I stick to a certain bundle areas in which I film, and these include::

Corporal Punishment:

Boot Domination:

FemDom: Humiliation:



I do film other scenarios but these are the certain few I tend to stick with.

These films are made purely on my own or with a fellow Dom.


I also make a great deal of customclips for my fans, I tend to film these on a fortnightly basis.

These clips will be solely for you, I do charge a set price.

I also make customclips and then with your consent sell them on my stores, so if it is a humiliation clip then you get a double whammy of knowing Mistress is now showing your personal clip to the world.

The CustomClips I film are but not limited to::

Boot/Shoe Worship:









I also make clips where I an involve a slave and you can ask Mistress what you would like me to do with him.

Below you will see stills from Custom and normal filming scenes.

You may contact me via my email address 

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Below you will see gifs from films Mistress has made, by pressing down on any of them this will take you through to my IwantClips Page Enjoy