Mistress Abduction Fantasy and Role-play

Mistress has been abducting mere males from the roadside and hotel lobby’s for many years, and she is never short of victims.

She  will take you further than you thought possible, making Fantasie Abductions something more than just a Fantasie.Abductions can happen anywhere in the UK, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, London  the list is endless.

She exists in a world beyond your world. What we only fantasies, she does. She lives a life where nothing is beyond her.

But it’s all a facade. What she shows to the World is what she wants us to see nothing more nothing less.She’s a driven, unflinching, calculating machine.

She takes what she wants, when she wants… and disappears.

A Huddersfield based Mistress offering Female Domination playtime in her Yorkshire Dungeon, but also playing around the UK Mistress Abduction.

If you ever get the chance to come across the Dangerous Lady it will be an experience you shall never forget, time with her will be a beautiful nightmare inside  your mind forever.

For Abduction scenarios and taylor made just for your own fantasie  then do contact Mistress with email being the initial contact with this type of play.

Abductions can be during the day, day into night and overnight, also for multiple days at a time.



To book a session with Mistress Athena fill out the contact form at the contact page.

alternatively call 07990761324