Yorkshire Realtime sessions are back in full swing

Good afternoon to you all

Sessions are back, and Mistress Athena is in full swing

Its been a long time coming, but its been worth it

I have seen many of my loyal subs, come back to the fold

Equestrian Mistress Yorkshire, Huddersfield, BDSM Realtime

So I have tried as I could, to get online for cam, and phone chat

However its been near on impossible, with so many perverts

wanting to come and see Mistress

This week I have got sessions in, however I am going to try

to have my phone line on as much as possible, as I have some great

new play subs on there, and I do enjoy or weekly play.


Trying to spread myself about is quite hard, but I am sure things will level out

I have also been a bit of a masochist this week, as I have played a lot with

nettles, and in the process been stung a lot hahaha.

Mistress Athena Yorkshire Realtime

If anyone is wanting to book in with me, then do contact me via email.

I do prefer email, however I will answer the phone.

The reason I am sating email is, because I am dwindling  away my number,

due to the number of wanker subs, who are just trying to get a free wank

and also I get more time wasters by phone.

My loyal and long standing subs, now have y personal number, and if we play

and you prove yourself to me, then you would get it too.

So just to be clear, my dom line that you call will soon be of period.

Probably over the summer period, and it will be email only.

I have no availability Wednesday, or Friday eve, however I have a slot in Leeds

dungeon Friday.


I will be on my phone line all week, apart from Sunday.

I will be on cam tomorrow and Wednesday

And you can find lots of stuff on my onlyfans.

All links below

Also great new clips available





Mistress Athena xoxox


Yorkshire Realtime