Good evening

I think its time you got to see me through this lock down &

Worship Athena


I will not be going into a big news page, as I have said most things in this clip I did for you all earlier

This clip has had to be shrunk 3 times, I have tried last night to upload

not sure why it wouldnt let me, so its now in 2 parts beneath





Hope you are all well

Nothing much to report on the way of play haha

Because I have not been playing in the dungeon

However I have been on skype and doing online tasks

I upload to my fan page often


Not sure when this lock down will end, but some good news from here

But its time to Worship Athena online

My  phone line has been of for 5 weeks now, and I know some of you have

been trying to call

So from Tuesday you can call, not for sessions, but if you would like phone

Domination or just to chat then  you can, however I am charging even for chats,

as right now this is my income

Mistress Athena, Hudersfield Mistress, Yorkshire Dominatrix, Double Domination

You can find lots of clips at my stores if you are missing me

Lots of films, daily stuff etc at my fanpage

I am missing you all, and missing having fun in the dungeon.

So hopefully fingers crossed we will all get back to it very soon


Only 1 thing to do

Worship Athena


Stay Kinky

Huddersfield Mistress

Mistress Athena


Worship Athena