Good evening all,

Well I am writing this news page, or should I say typing this news page with my left hand.

Tick Tock I can hear the cogs in your brains turning wondering why I would need to tell you this ,,,,, well Mistress suffers a  Horse Riding accident 10 days ago, and it was the most serious fall I have haf.

In all the years I have been riding I can count on 2 hands how many falls I have had, and 3 of them I through myself of as I knew that it was for the best, this is the worst fall by far.

I came of once years ago when I was 8 years old, and i was committed on the fence I was jumping, however my pony decided when he got the fence he would refuse well too late for me I was over the other side, and I wouldnt let go of the rein, I remember being dragged round the arena until he stopped, know that as always been the fall I remember until .now of course.

i dont want to  go into to mch detail as it hurts to write this news page, but I have a broken collar-bone and two broken ribs plus swelling and bruising to my legs.

I am however way better than I was 10 days ago, each v day I grow stronger.

I am back in the dungeon this coming Monday and both subs are aware of my injury and now that  i am limited with some play, however they both enjoy my company my sharp tongue and the fact i am know ambidextrous and can use my left arm for spanking haha .

I am ok to play if its nothing too heavy but in a couple of weeks I will be fine for most stuff.

I am in London on the 16th with Miss Jessica Wood, and we have DOUBLE DOM session in so looking forward to this.

Also looking for filming subs for the 27th of Feb in DERBY with Vivian L Amour & Miss Kitty Bliss, so it £80 form filming do contact via mail.

I am also filming in Budapest with Fetish Liza on the 16th of April if anyone wants to film with me there then flights for yourself and accommodation will be needed.

So if anyone would like to contribute to my bills ect whilst I am laid up then please do, it will take a weight from my shoulders.


ACC 10055220

SORT 203584

I appreciate even this smallest donation.

You also support me by signing up to my ONLYFANS, You will then get to see my  content which is amazing and gets updated at least 5 times a week.

I will keep you all  up to date.

I will be coming of know as  my arm aches.

Links to follow and get access to my finest hours.

Mistress Athena  TAMEROFmen


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