Good Morning all,I am going to write this news page about The Dinner Date Experience, but before I do I wanted to give you a catch up into my goings on.

I have not written a news page since September and here’s why.

My dad has been ill, and I do not mean a little ill I mean ill, its been a shit time and a some points I had to face the facts that I may lose him, its been tough on m

e and tough on my family, I have been up and down with it, so hit and miss on telephone calls, and days when I play, I can say know that he’s better not 100% but getting there.

I do not really put my family business out there, but due to being a hit and miss Mistress of late this is the reason why.

So I am back now in the Dungeon in Huddersfield, where I will be until Christmas.

I am planning on touring next year, Paris and Switzerland & London, watch out for these dates.

Also I attended the Femdom Ball in London Madam Caramels amazing soiree, what a fabulous event, full of wonderful woman, very empowering to say the least.

Now Mistress Davina’s Christmas Annual Party, it falls on the 8th of December, well if you have not attended one before then you are not quite sure on what you are missing out on.

Its £20 per person, and this is to cover the buffet that is put on, you can bring a drink with you.

It’s for like-minded people to come together, and also you can play if you want to this is optional for everyone.

There is quite a fair amount all ready attending.

Quite a few Mistresses

Mistress Davina

Mistress Athena

Madam Caramel

Mistress Vivian l Amour

Mistress Brienna

These are just a few, there is more on Mistress Davin’s site.

It will be a good night, and one to remember.


So the Dinner Experience, well its always a good start when you are with Mistress Athena in a restaurant watching her eat some of her favourite food whilst seeing the look of delight in my face .

I had my first experience with a sub on Saturday evening

I have done things similar to this before but normally a different role-play, however this is one where we both go to the restaurant together, and then we talk about how I came on yo you, we flirt  and I show lots of interest in you verbally.

The end game was to get the sub to give me as much information about himself as possible, so that I could use it against him if he did not submit to my advances and come back to the dungeon with me, so all in all, you have the choice it could end up just dinner or dinner and dungeon, in this case it was dungeon also, I mean he gave everything up and some haha.

I have him by the balls and all his information and he didn’t know if I would use it against him so he had to do as I said, and he did and he had a great time.

I didn’t however get lots of pictures but I will add some different pictures on here today.

So its gym time for me so must rush.

I am around all week.

Enjoy all my new clips of Double Domination on my stores, you have no idea what you are missing.

Also there is new gifts on my amazon wish list and xmas is coming


Mistress Athena xoxox

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The Dinner Experience