Submissive Female doubles with Mistress Athena

I have played with this submissive female before at the,

Leeds Chambers.

Her name little rabbit, maybe you have seen the news page from before.

She is fun to play with, also very submissive and is quite the masochist.


She will be in the Yorkshire Dungeon this time in Huddersfield, not


Submissive Female doubles Mistress Athena Huddersfield


Kinky Naughty Rabbit

Dare you fall down the rabbit Hole

Date 15th of Feb 2020 in Huddersfield 

We are offering sessions together, they will be NO sessions at all,

where rabbit is playing solo, you will be coming as a sub and,

submitting to me Mistress Athena.

I will be playing with you both, you will be able to request a custom,

session where I do things to her, or I make you both do things together.

Just think of it as a session where you have just got a female sub in

with you


Masters or tops are also able to come, but they will play alongside me

as a top with her.

Slut training Huddersfield


Any questions on what will happen in this type of session then do contact

me via email



Submissive Female