Good Morning

Its been a Social Media Mistress Blackout of late

Mistress just wanted to check in and allow you all the honour of knowing

I am still here, I may not be as active on social media or my blogs at the

moment but I am here

Mistress Athena Dominatrix Social Media Clips Huddersfield Mistress

There is no reason for this, but sometimes Mistress needs to recharge & get

my creative juices flowing

I will continue to post on my twitter but not as regular

I will still have my clip stores

I am slowly moving from only fans to another platform

I am just setting it up and putting content on there

The reason for this is the amount of things you have to give only-fans

in order to post anything, and I was forever getting things taken of


I will release the new platform on here when its ready

I am still offering custom clips, & face time

Cam sessions & of course my phone line which I do a lot of know


Sessions are still available & I have been very busy which is another reason

why I have had a silence on here

I just do not want to burn the candle at both ends, because everything will suffer

and content and sessions wont be as good


I have invested in a new camera for filming I am just having problems with

my editing suit now, due to them not being compatible

The problem is I may need to up-grade my editing suit which is annoying

as this one was expensive I was told, however I was lucky enough for

someone to give it to me.

You can contact me on my phone line for sessions


Email for sessions or customs or booking cam


Phone Line

Clip Store

Clip Store





Social Media Mistress