Good Evening 

Mistress has been sooooooooo busy of late with the run up to Christmas, and I do not mean in the dungeon only, I mean meeting up with friends and having a bloody good time.

I have been in the dungeon quite a lot and I have been playing with all my favourite subs and as always its been great well not great fantastic.

I am in a good place at the moment and all my subs have put me there.

I am enjoying being in the dungeon walls and playing till all hours of the night.


So Xmas is looming and Mistress is available until the eve of the 34th then back in again on the 27th until the eve of the 31st, then back in again on the 2nd of Jan.

I have said in my last 2 news pages I will be in Derby on the 3rd and Watford on the 4th so if you would like to session with me in any of them places then do drop me an email

To all of you that is making Xmas special for me with gifts I do appreciate this and thank you so much.

I have that many clips and pictures over the last month too many to put on, however everything now goes onto my onlyfans page, where you will see things that have never been seen before.


So Party Central, I have been out with friends and out with Family and then over the last 2 weeks I attended the Leeds Dungeon Xmas Party and that was amazing so much fun.

The I attended Bitches Unleashed in Manchester and again another amazing night.

So I am uploading pictures with this blog for you all to see.

I also had a shoot with PurpleTog what a great guy fantastic photographer, so the pictures will be about but mainly on my onlyfans page.

I hope you all have a great Xmas, I will also add a vlog on here over the festive period, and I hope to see you all very soon for some kink.

I may decide to wear a lot more leather next year I can feel leather coming on ahaha 

MistressAthena TAMEROFmen 07990761324 



Party Central