Online Domination the safest way

Good evening everyone,

as we are all well away we are fighting a invisible enemy

The only way forward for Mistresses like me is online

Due to the wide spread and how fast it is spreading,

unfortunately I can not put myself or you in danger of getting this virus

Double Domination

They will be others I am sure that are willing to play Russian Roulette

with their life, however I am not

This is going to hit me hard,


I know this is also effecting subs and I completely understand

All I am asking is that you stay safe

The only way I can stay safe and you also is by playing online

I will be offering SKYPE, WHATSAPP VIDEO

TEXT PLAY and Online Domination Phone Domination


List of clip and fan sites

Additional to this you can purchase clips and become a fan


If you would like to do any of these do not hesitate to contact Mistress

I hope you continue to support me whilst this is on going

and I hopeĀ  you will come and play online with Mistress


If yo would like tasks setting, or chaste then this is also available

I will upload a few fee clips on here for you all to drool over

Make sure to stay safe

And make sure to support Mistress

Bank Details

A Powers

acc 10055220

sort 20-35-84


Each morning I leave my house, I go and tend to my 4 beautiful horses

I feed and water them, check them over

Make sure everything is ok

I then come home, I do the usual Military drill

Gloves hands washed clothes washed etc

Then I get on cam

Emails, phone chat, whats app



So you can catch me most days.

I will not be on cam from the dungeon, as I have locked it down

My house boy stays there and I wont even allow him near me

Gone are the days that he would help me out here too.

But safety is paramount



Love Mistress Athena




Online Domination