Good Afternoon

Mistress Athena

Myself Mistress Athena is feeling quite odd writing this news page

I never thought I would have to write a news page quite like this

The times are changing and wow what is going on

This is scary times, and I know a lot of us are struggling with which way to turn.

Going between  whether to shut the Yorkshire Dungeon down for the time being.

Mistress Athena stockings shoe fetish

I am talking about the Virus that is spreading globally

Not knowing what to do for the best, so I am thinking until the government

put us all on lock down, I will still be taking sessions in the dungeon

Rules will be put in place

You MUST wash your hands when you arrive, and then I will be given you

a hand sanitiser to clean them again



Do not call for a session if you are even contemplating you may be sick

with any type of cold, cough etc

I have asthma and I can not risk the chance of catching this virus

These are going to be hard times for all of us

If I have to close my dungeon doors I will let you all know.


Mistress will be available more now on cam, skype, and free for custom clips. will have updates more than once a day

I hope you will support me by buying my clips, becoming a fan or even

bank transfer, the dungeon is quiet at the moment, and this is only the start


So I am asking for some type of support through these hard times, a clip or 2 or 10

Come play on cam

Mistress will  keep you all updated and I hope you are all keeping

yourselves safe, look after everyone around you and the older generation.


I hope this blows over fast and I hope we are all back to normal soon


Links to my clip stores & Fan page

My Account details for anyone supporting me at this time

Bank Details

A Powers

acc 10055220

sort code 20-35-84

appreciate all of you and as I said earlier keep safe

Mistress Athena




Mistress Athena