Lock down

Afternoon everyone,

Most days are now the same, its like a continuous day much like lock down

Lock down as you all know, comes in many forms

Most forms connected to Mistress are of Mistresses doing


Chastity, confinement, lock down tasks

Latex Mistress Athena Lock down Huddersfield

All of us both tops and bottoms, are trying to find interesting ways to

get past the boredom, some are doing chores and some are sorting

there  isolation issues out, relaxing through meditation


I have found meditating has helped me tremendously, I meditate

each day for a while, it took me a few days to  relax my mind,

but when I got the hang of it its very therapeutic


So I thought the best way for you all to meditate would be,

to first start by relaxing with having Mistress voice sooth you.

Then when you are feeling more relaxed you will be able to

meditate better, this is the best way to escape the boredom of

Lock Down

I have some fans on my fan site,, that have been in chaste for a bit,

they have had that to occupy their mind

Others have had tasks set, some are opting for email control,

slave training via face time and Skype


However I have to say a big thank you to those of you,that have

contacted me and asked me how I am feeling, and have had my best interests

above their own, that has been quite eye opening



With whats going on in the outside world, its easy for anyone to get caught

up in their own dilemmas and forget to check in on the one person you

have been saying is your everything, which in return shows Mistress

that this may not be the case


Just because of what is happening, your Mistress should be at the for

front of your mind, and if she is not, then that is a issue


Its coming up to 4 weeks since I stepped inside my Dungeon

Which means its 4 weeks since any income has crossed my palm

Some of you have reached out and helped me, and I am truly

grateful, I do not know when I will be back playing real time

sessions, and one thing I do know is I will not be going in

until this is over

I have switched of my work line as I have been getting a

over load of calls, from subs wanting to come in, this is crazy

that will not be happening.


You can contact me via email, I am still answering them

I am offering face time and skype

I am offering custom clips

Phone Domination


I will upload a a clip of my voice for you all to listen to

Hopefully this will help in these trying times

Stay Safe

Mistress Athena



You can find all my sites here





Lock down