Leeds Mistress

Mistress Abduction Fantasy and Role-play,  offers Abduction scenarios, in West Yorkshire, She  will take you further than you thought possible, making Fantasies Abductions something more.

Abductions can happen anywhere in Yorkshire or throughout  the UK, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, London  the list is endless.

This Leeds Mistress has been abducting mere males from the roadside and hotel lobby’s to name a few for many years, and she is never short of victims.

She exists in a world beyond your world. What we only fantasies, she does. She lives a life where nothing is beyond her.

But it’s all a facade. What she shows to the World is what she wants us to see nothing more nothing less.She’s a driven, unflinching, calculating machine.

She takes what she wants, when she wants… and disappears.

A Huddersfield Mistress offering Female Domination playtime in Huddersfield, but also playing in Leeds as Leeds Mistress Abduction.

If you ever get the chance to come across the Dangerous Lady it will be an experience you shall never forget, time with her will be a beautiful nightmare inside  your mind forever.

Cross her at your PERIL…..

mistressabduction, Leeds, Huddersfield, Manchester

An alter ego I suppose you may say. It’s the Woman who wants to take you no matter what the consequences are….abduction kidnap is what she excels in. Taking and breaking you from where ever she finds you.

Interrogation scenes and Mind games. Locked away with only the clock as your friend, telling you just how long you have got left.

A shadow in the night, Where she is,Who she is and when she comes no one knows

Total Head Fuck on all levels..


Mistress Abduction offers Fantasy Kidnaps from all over the UK, Leeds, Manchester, London, and anywhere in-between, these can happen at the street side, hotel, doorstep the list is endless.

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Mistress Abduction