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As I write this blog I am now able to use both hands to type, do you know how happy¬† this makes me, you wouldn’t believe the simple things can make someone smile so much.

After my accident, I have had a lot of time to mull over things, and think a lot about all different types of things, in my vanilla life as well as my kinky life, and I have realised that I have to try to have more of a balance.

I have always appreciated the simple things as I am an animal lover, I love nature and the great outdoors, I have always been this way, but that does not mean I do not like my fashion, I have always loved clothes, or just looking good I suppose, I wouldn’t however wear anything that had been killed for me to wear hell no that’s disgusting, if its been culled etc then different.

So this has opened my eyes some more I suppose, when you have a lot of time to do nothing its a lot of thinking time, I suppose and only great things can come from putting things into perspective, too deep for you all hahaha

I obviously through the competition season seem to go of and compete most weekend, during the week I am schooling the horses & so I tend to neglect my slaves/subs sissy the whole shebang, however I have decided that if I am going to keep my dungeon doors open, and then I have to find more of a balance.

So I am still going to compete this year, as I have been given the ride of an amazing German Warmblood, from one of my friends, she is a dressage horse but they would like her to jump, she is only 7 & green as grass with jumping, and this makes the owners nervous to jump her,  so I am bringing her on for them this year and will be out hopefully competing her , along with my other, however not every week as before.

I am going to make sure this year there is a balance and that I am made available more for my subs as I do enjoy playing and I enjoy being in the dungeon, and I enjoy the look on all of your faces when yu are with me.

I am taking in new subs, however a deposit will be taken before a session is given, and this goes to all new subs, no deposit no session.

So my arm is much better, my broken ribs are practically healed, the nerve damage to my hip is permanent but I am back hahaha

I am back in the dungeon from the 11th of March & most days after that, the only days I will not be available will be when I am on tour, or have something else planned.

A day in advance notice is always recommended however, if I am in the dungeon and its quiet then I will take same day appointments with deposit only.

So I am filming in Derby at the end of the month, so I am looking for 2 subs only, for trampling, shoe/boot worship, breathplay, anal, and ballbusting, you do not need to have to doit all just let me know, however there will be a fee contact me for details via email.

I have however been getting around, I have been filming alongside the Stunning Miss Jessica Wood, and also playing alongside with her.

I have been down in Derby quite often at Celestial Studios, Stunning Vivian L Amour studios

I also was down at the Fallen Angel studio in Milton Keynes with Domina Sara and Tony, who I bought a new whip from, and at the moment I am having another but custom whip made from, I am excited to use when it arrives, and also these too beautiful humans, what a delightful honest pair, fab people.

As you know I think I posted on y last news page, I am back in Prague at the OWK IN September love it some hard-core footage coming

My tour page will have all the dates on where I will be this year.

I am back giving customclips now, so anyone who would like one then do contact via email.

I am Filming in Budapest in April

I am in Cardiff with my bestie Mistress Real offering Double Domination sessions, do contact for details the 16th/17th of May

So apart from that its full steam ahead.

I can not wait to get back playing next week, and I hope to see new & old faces crossing my dungeon door.


I have been uploading at least 5 times a week to my fan page onlyfans, it is defiantly worth signing up for, and I will bring a lot of my news there.

I have new clips on my stores do take a look.

I will be having a photo shoot with Steve Satin in spring, I am thinking around May as I have been getting my outfits together, and being a perfectionist I have to make sure everything I am doing is getting done correct.

I have just added some new thigh high boots to my wishlist, and a brown leather jacket, if you would like to gift Mistress the link is below

I will also be online offering online Domination as of next week, my normal channel Adultwork , but skype sessions can be arranged in advance

So hope to see you all soon and enjoy making new memory’s in the dungeon

I am on the diet from hell, since I stopped smoking my weight is 1st and a few 1bs heavier, I am now shifting this, I can do it, smoking however I still do smoking fetish, human ashtray and other things so you can ask for this.


Mistress Athena TAMEROFmen




Its time to play