Humiliation many different ways of humiliating scenarios that one could find themselves in.

Whether this be verbally humiliated or physically humiliated, humiliation is humiliation.

I have a tongue that keeps on running and running, its alike verbal explosion of chaos and filth,

I can humiliated you in nano seconds or for as long as I feel like it.

Foot Worship, Mistress loves her feet to be licked and massaged,

you may have a foot fetish but if you’re in public it can be quite humiliating.

I have ways of making you look silly which in return allows Mistress to laugh,

I mean dressing up in a pair of satin panties , with writing all over you,

and Mistresses strap-on in your mouth, well that’s just for starters.

Eating from the dogs bowl, or walking 10 steps behind me down a busy street with a sign round your neck saying look at me

the list is endless, but I do love a good foot stool or just a manikin to throw my coat over.

SPH OR CEI its all fun for Yorkshire Mistress Athena

The merry maid who cleans up after Mistress, I could go on and on and on, but you get the drift don’t you shit for brains haha.

Please Remember Mistress is very welcoming.


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alternatively call 07990761324


Humiliation Yorkshire Verbal sph