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How to Contact Me, Mistress Athena


Before contacting me,  please read my rules. I am Dominatrix based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.  My Dungeon is in Huddersfield  but I am also available in the surrounding areas , for out calls and also available throughout the UK by pre-booked appointment.

This Huddersfield Mistress,  will never answer to TEXT MESSAGES, you will just be wasting your time by sending them.

Mistress Athena travels to Leeds as a Leeds Mistress quite regular  playing from either a Dungeon or a Hotel setting.

Same day appointments are usually available, but if you require a specific time then I may require at least 24 hours notice.

I prefer sessions to be at least an hour and extended stays and over nights are always available.

In first instances you should contact me by phone, and if I do not answer or it is engaged do try again, I can be very busy sometimes. If this doesn’t work then try by email.


There are NO sexual services. Please do not embarrass yourself and insult Me by asking and follow my rules.

  • Safe word’s will be given to all newcomer’s,unless you are a seasoned player or I decide otherwise,safety is paramount in my arena.
  • I expect cleanliness at all times.
  • I do not accept bad language
  • I am the Mistress and you must adopt the proper tone with me and not top from the bottom.
  • I do not like lateness
  • You must always be on your best behaviour If you’re running late or can not  keep your appointment contact me in advance and alternative arrangements may be possible.
  • I do not provide sex or any sexual services so do not embarrass yourself by asking
  • Mistress Athena is a West Yorkshire Dominatrix and takes pride in her play, she expects you to respect her at all times, she puts in a great deal into her love of BDSM and expects total cooperation from the start.
  • Rules in my arena are not to be broken unless its I who breaks them Please note
  • BDSM activities and professional domination between consenting adults is not illegal, a little different, but not illegal.
  • Mistress Athena TAMER OF MAN

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