Huddersfield Mistress

Tel ; 07990761324
An experienced Lifestyle Mistress and Pro Domina, this Huddersfield Mistress is both Sensual and Alluring, she will captivate you from the very instant you meet.
Born in Manchester and raised in Yorkshire, Mistress Athena has had Both the City Life and the Country Living. She is very artistic and this shows in her love of role play.

An accomplished equestrian ,this makes her more apt to play with the human pony’s.

As a Huddersfield Mistress this gives me the prime location to play in the Surrounding areas such as Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield and all in-between, Leeds being one of the areas Mistress travels to most.

Mistress loves to take the fantasy and make it a reality of anyone who dares to dream.

At 5 3 in stocking feet,and 5 8 in heels,she proudly walks around the male species that writhe at her feet.

She is the ever changing Mistress,like the camelion, and takes great pride in this.

Huddersfield Mistress Athena is very easy on the eye, with the face of an angel and her long flowing hair, petite frame, she had made on more than one occasion grown men cry.

She Alternates her time,between her Huddersfield Dungeon  and surrounding areas she also plays in Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Halifax.,all though  most of her time she is dealing with the ever growing stable of slaves,she still finds the time to pursue her own things.

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Mistress Athena is a dominant,Born to Rule,Born To Lead,she has many friends from the time spent within the dungeon walls,that will now stay with her for the rest of her life,they are now in her close circle of friends.

So you see Mistress Athena can be very friendly when out of session,and you two could end up two in that circle if your lucky.

Mistress Athena   07990761324

Yorkshire’s Premier Mistress