Leeds Chambers BDSM BASH

Good Evening All

Leeds Chambers BDSM BASH will be held next Saturday the 27th of May.

Mistress has been so caught up in all types of different things, vanilla life and so much play inside the Huddersfield Dungeon which I have know named the PowerHouse, that I forgot to get a news a page up about this.

The party will be hosted by the amazing Mistress Davina and Myself.

The doors open at 7pm I will be arriving just after as I have a outing that day.

The fee is kept low as the party is for like minded people to mingle and get to know one another, also play if they like.

For any information you can contact Mistress Davina at www.aleedschamber.co.uk

Alternately you can contact me via my email address.

We have a mix of couples and single players attending so there will be rules that must be abided by.

  1. No physical contact unless full permission is given by all party’s. This broken rule will show you the exit door.

  2. You are welcome to bring a bottle but any heavy duty drinking during play will be stopped immediately. Mistress Athena and I will have the last word on all rule breaks.

  3. No photos at all, there will be a chance if you would like a memorable pic to take home as a souvenir. If anyone is seen taking pics from a mobile they will be shown the exit door also. The reason for this is that some of our guests do not want to be photographed and we must abide by their wishes.

  4. Respect…. Full Stop.

  5. Safe words must be used at all times.

  6. Last but not least….Enjoy ( and drink after play )

  7. I am looking forward to this night as its been too long that I have had some fun with all you kinksters.

So apart from this I am available to play this coming Sunday the 21st and then each day next week apart from Tuesday and Friday and Saturday.

Do call or email for sessions.

I will add some photos from my goings on this week.

The inflatable on my wishlist for my holidays has know been purchased.

So know I just want to say a big big big THANKYOU THANKYOU to a certain person whom has purchased me endless gifts, some from my WishList and some from just asking me what I would like, I wanted to make this public and show him how much I appreciate the gifts, its always a better day when the post man comes knocking and there is something for Mistress.

He has gone above and beyond and all is noted, so THANKYOU THANKYOU, I shall not write your name just your initials and you know who you are .RB.

Also another Thankyou to another person I will just call him the (DRONE) HAHAHA, he will know who he is, hes been very endearing of late and has also helped Mistress alot, so THANKYOU.

My wishlist is packed with new items and they are for the season this year so feel free to gift me.


New clips added to my store and they are FANTASTIC.


You can also sign up to my ONLYFANS account where you can watch me, POV CLIPS and very good or should I say GREAT.


So come and submit to Mistress Athena aka Athena Powers inside my POWERHOUSE DUNGEON.

Mistress Athena