I have decided to start this post before my New Year session, however I will finish it later

It is New Year and the reason for my news page

Happy New Year

The question is will it be a Happy one, the answer is yes of course

This year has been like most exciting and fun, and filled with kink

I have played alongside so many wonderful talented Doms, and played with amazing subs


2020 I hope will be bigger and better, the reason because why shouldn’t it be

I have also learned that I really enjoy different parts of play, alot more than I thought I did

I will be starting to fill a wardrobe dedicated to sluts and sissy’s and play more with other Mistresses


Every year I grow in one way or another, the reason for this is opening up and allowing things into my life

Next year will be no different

I have played more with female subs this year, and quite enjoyed it

Each year we find ourselves in different places, one way or another, and sometimes this is growth, othertimes its not


I want to have so much more fun with all of you that come through my dugeon doors

Start your journey or carry your journey on to new heights

The ones that I play with online, push your limits

Maybe even get to see you in Real Time, lets see


But for now I want to wish you all a

Happy New Year

It is now 11,10 pm and I have just arrived home from my dungeon.

I have had a fab night with my slave who was actually in trouble this evening for, draining himself without my permission.

He was delt with accordingly, receiving the cane and whilst being bound on the rack, followed by tease and deniel, then more pain.

I would like to see all my old faces and new faces in my dungeon this new year.


Have a wonderful kink filled night everyone



Mistress Athena





Happy New Year