Financial Worship

People always seem to assume that if you are a Pro Dominatrix that you can not also be into Financial worship

this I find absurd.

So there is different types of fetishes and financial servitude it one of them,

and as most fierce females we want a wonderful lifestyle that allows us to travel and bask in the best of places,

buying what we like, but with your money.

Its simple really you enjoy handing over your money to me, whether that be face to face,

online banking, purchasing gifts for me it will not matter



I get what I want and you get to feel  like you have just handed over your money to make me happy because this makes you happy,

it also makes you feel in a state of utter devotion seeing your bank balance go down as your spending on me.

There are names given for subs/slaves that want to gift Mistresses or Goddesses with money,

and these names can be anything from pay-pigs, to cash-cows piggy’s, drones ect.

There is the giver the sub and the taker the Dom.

Its pretty easy and its so bloody good for Mistress as I get to buy all the nice things in life,

and you well you get to go to work so you can pay for them.



Bellow is my wishlist follow the link and make Mistress Happy

To book a session with Mistress Athena fill out the contact form at the contact page.

alternatively call 07990761324

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