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The news page on Chastity training & Key holding

I sat down at the pc  around 2 hours ago, ready to type this news page,

and its only now 2 hours later am I finally managing to get it done.

Its in  the title Chastity Key holding with Mistress Athena.

You see that is the distraction that computers have, you look at one thing,

which leads you to a next and then another,

however that will not happen with Chastity.


Mistress Athena Key Holder

CHASTITY TRAINING Mistress Athena Huddersfield

I have used Chastity devices & chaste tasks for sometime now on my slaves/subs/sissy etc

I have now quite a few devices and also tasks that are written up in order to keep chaste subs at bay.

Recently I have had quite a few emails & phone calls on chastity training

with each email and phone call the answer is always the same,

I will need to send you the chaste task first & from there we will move forward

using either a device or just keeping you on chaste tasks,

depending on where I think you would best fit, and for other reasons which will also be outlined on the chaste task email.

I have 2 ways of doing this

The 1st is I send you the task via email…

The 2nd is you come to the dungeon we have a half hour discussion,

I go over the chaste task with you, you leave with a copies, and then it goes from there.

In the end it all leads to the same outcome.

The only difference is you get to speak with me in person,

but the price differs for my time.

So this is  a short run down of Chastity Training.

First a chaste task, which will not consist of a chastity device fitted,

this is done on you alone being determined and strong and able to follow through with the task,

set amount of time etc, and the sheer thought that the release you will get will be the best you have ever imagined.

Depending on how well you do depends on the length of time,

and if and when a device will be fitted.

I will always be the only key holder when fitted.

It can be done long distance for those that can not come into see me.

The will be Skype chats, email training, video calls, pov clips sent, and you will either be chaste or you will purchase a device and the keys will have a new home mine.

So it’s quite endless as to training, but if you would like to go on this journey then do contact me via email

This is not a free chastity training I will also be adding chastity training but a little bit different to my onlyfans

Chastity by Mistress Athena


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Chastity Training