Good Evening all,


Lets start this post on a good note, one that says Mistresses arm is improving & I will be back to play in a couple of weeks.

The hospital appointment yesterday was a daunting experience, all the things running through my mind, including my bones not fusing back together properly.

But good news all round, the only down side was the feeling to my right hip which will not return, due to nerve damage.

I will not be feeling sorry for myself, as Horse Riding is one of the most dangerous things one can do, and I wont stop so onward and upwards.

I will be competing this year, I think I will be doing more dressage and show jumping on Mr D, and then back ODE later in the year.

I am over in Hungary with Fetish Liza & Vivian L Amour in April, I am so looking forward to filming with this beautiful woman, and visiting Hungary, I have never been before.

I am also returning to the amazing OWK IN Prague this year, so much fun.


Lets get down to the reason for my news page.

Now some of you will agree & some of you wont, but either way that wont matter because everyone is entitled to their opinion.

I have been a member of the scene for almost 18 years now, I have been a Dominant figure a lot longer, however a Pro Dom 17 years

When I became a Mistress, Dominatrix, etc what ever the name you want to call yourself, there was not no internet.

Everyone had to advertise in magazines, Tied & Tease, Serious Mistress, Informed Consent, Back of the Exchange & Mart, this is how long I am going back, Mistresses didn’t really know one another, unless they all played from the same place.

The whole scene was very much TABOO, which made it more special more kinky more excitable, until the internet of course.

Anyway, this is how it used to be, now the times have changed and more and more Mistresses are becoming available online.

The internet is a great platform, do not get me wrong, it can get your seen by many and many all over the world, HOWEVER

It can also bring out people who a keyboard warriors, and people who are just nasty through & through, Now before I carry on this is AIMED AT NO ONE IN PARTICULAR, this is because of how I as a member of the BDSM community feels.

Do not get me wrong I am no shrinking violet, and I am one tough cookie, but respect is just no where to be seen these days, which is so sad.

The scene has changed, discipline is not given out anymore in schools so in return the Caning sub & corporal punishment sub is a dyeing breed, one of my favourite parts of play.

I feel like the scene is changing and it isn’t what it used to be, the level of respect has gone.

I am in 2 minds whether I as a SERIOUS MISTRESS will be shutting my Dungeon Doors, its something I am thinking a lot about.

I may just close my doors to new subs until I decide what I want to do, we will see.

I am back in the dungeon in then next few weeks and I will make my decision later on.

I may decide that having people around me is no longer my thing, and decide that I will stay online films, etc, I just dont have the answer at the minute.

Anyway thanks for reading.

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